BordinkoI decided to go to medical school to help people. And I did it the old fashioned way. And what I learned was we could really help people with all the advances in medicine but it also showed me first hand the intrinsic flaws that plagued our healthcare delivery system.  And it isn't just the insurance companies, it is a streamlining of the medical practice striving for doctors "6 minute visits."  A growing trend in medicine are Mini-clinics that are offering low cost alternatives to primary care to both insured and uninsured alike. Medical practitioners with minimal training and in some cases less than 20 % of the post graduation education of fully boarded physicians are making life altering judgements about your medical future. This is the medical care equivalent of fast food. This is a dangerous path we are being lead down. 

Our healthcare system does not acknowledge quality of care or quality time with patients. The system works on efficiency and understanding the minimum requirements to maximize reimbursement. How many times have you walked out of a whirlwind visit where your doctor rushed into and out of the room just long enough to review your paper work and realized you spent more time in the waiting room than obtaining medical direction? Wouldn't it be nice if the doctor would sit still, look you in the eye and spend 15 minutes explaining what lies ahead, what you can expect from a new medication, do I really need this medication or is there another option.   

I didn't spend 8 years training after college to treat people with a "6 minute visit." I don't think my patients feel satisfied with a "6 minute visit."

As my patient we have an agreement, I provide unhurried visits, specific treatment plans to find solutions that match your lifestyle and goals.  I'm not going to provide treatments that justify higher billing codes for greater reimbursement. If you would like to learn more about your health; this is achievable even though none of this is billable to your insurance.

I can help you. And both of us will be happier with the experience.