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Dr. Bordinko is experienced and passionate about taking care of the elderly, however, due to the large amount of time she spends with each and every one of our patients – especially Medicare-aged patients – Consolaré does not participate in the Medicare program. Due to the politics, low reimbursement, and deterioration of reimbursable services under Medicare, Consolaré has chosen to "opt-out" as a Medicare provider. By opting out, this allows us to provide the best medical care possible to our senior population, helping to ensure a higher quality of life without succumbing to the constraints imposed by the federal government.

Unlike private insurance, Medicare does not allow for partial reimbursement of services through providers who opt-out of their program. Therefore, Medicare-aged patients will be required to sign an additional contract agreeing not to submit claims to Medicare for any medical services received from Consolaré. In exchange for foregoing Medicare benefits through Consolaré, your will receive unparalleled patient care and experience medical care that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations!


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