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  How much is your time worth?
How much is your health worth?

Consolaré has always taken the unique needs of each member and provided the highest level of medical care available. In addition to highly personalized care, Consolaré is adding our Patient Advocacy Services and Medical Escort Services.

Patient Advocacy Firms have been around for about a decade and typically charge between $5,000 - $15,000 annually per member. Nearly all patient health advocacy service firms focus on people with serious or chronic illnesses, and very few think outside of that box and offer a complete package that includes:

• a dedicated personal physician that coordinates your care
working with clients to develop a healthier lifestyle and determine unique healthcare risks

• gathering medical records into a single, secure electronic record that can provide life-saving medical information anywhere in the world at anytime via the Internet

• researching best in class and Centers of Excellence both domestic and world wide and arranging treatment options – that can be either escorted or unescorted by your personal physician.

Consolaré offers expedited access to the best physicians and hospitals, we attend appointments to enhance coordination of care and relay critical details of pertinent medical concerns as well as provide a written report of the encounter.

Consolaré offers an alternative to the traditional business model of the medical practice. I only work with a limited number of members. This allows me to know you on a personal basis and understand your unique health concerns.

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By incorporating a comprehensive service that provides independent, high quality professional health management 24/7, Consolaré is able to help members who get the medical "run-around" by simplifying the multiplicity of treatment options and detailed medical information.

You also have a "medical home" with your Consolaré physician that remains unchanged regardless of your insurance carrier or status. Your Personal Physician will help guide you through necessary procedures and determine the best use of specialists for your care.

Consolaré is a professional private health advisor who is not tied to a single medical institution or network of doctors. We go far beyond what the national private Health Advisors provide. Consolaré is first and foremost physician driven for all services, having an MD directly coordinate your care and facilitate all communication over a nurse based agency adds years of training and knowledge to address your most important medical needs.

You can have your own private Doctor. Click here to see her background.

We manage the entire healthcare process, from collecting medical records from all of your healthcare practitioners, to expediting appointments and completing the necessary paperwork (pre enrollment), to accompanying patients to appointments and act as an objective "second pair of ears."

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