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Carrie Bordinko, MD

Dr. Bordinko

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Your Doctor

I have structured my practice with a focus on exploring wellness and achieving optimal health for my clients through an integration of evidence-based medicine, nutrition, fitness and risk reduction strategies.

By selecting only a small population of clients and providing dedicated counseling sessions, sometimes as often as weekly, I allow my clients to actively participate in their care plan and to move forward toward their goals at a real-time pace. This enables all of us to realize healthcare to be a positive experience.

Educating clients about a disease process and empowering them to control the outcomes, yields lifelong learning, and allows our clients to reap the benefits through fewer medications and improved quality of life.

I hope you will let me join you on your healthcare journey and allow me to deliver exceptional medical care.

My Doctor

Personal: My doctor is interested in me more than just as a patient, interacts with me, and remembers me as an individual.

Humane: My doctor is caring, compassionate and kind.

Forthright: My doctor tells me what I need to know in plain language and in a forthright manner.

Empathetic: My doctor understands what I am feeling and experiencing, physically and emotionally, and communicates that understanding to me.

Respectful: My doctor takes my input seriously and works with me.

Thorough: My doctor is conscientious and persistent.

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