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Welcome to Consolaré Primary Care

Consolaré offers a vital alternative to the traditional medical practice and even other Medical Concierge models.  We accept a limited number of clients, which allows us to get to know you on a personal level, and manage your care with a complete understanding of your unique health concerns.

As a professional private health advisor not tied to a single medical institution or network of doctors, we go far beyond what the national private Health Advisors provide.  Consolaré is first and foremost physician-driven for all services, with an MD directly coordinating your care and facilitating all communication over a nurse-based agency.  This model adds years of training and knowledge attending to your most important medical needs.

By incorporating a comprehensive service that provides independent, high-quality professional health management 24/7, you’ll have a medical home by remaining with your Consolaré physician regardless of your insurance carrier or status.  Your Personal Physician will help guide you through the necessary procedures and determine the best use of specialists for your care.  We’ll simplify your healthcare needs by navigating all treatment options and detailed medical information.

Consolaré is NOT a true Primary Care Practice…. We offer so much more on the day-to-day interactions with our limited members. You will experience unprecedented attention to detail in the full spectrum of your medical care needs.

We come to you! 24/7 MD access in your home and office.

  • Comprehensive annual physical exam
  • MD accompanied visits with specialists (written encounter provided)
  • At home lab draws – including those requested by other providers
  • Specialist care coordination and appointment setting, including completing all “New Patient” paperwork
  • Medication management between providers
  • Emergency Prescription Travel Kit
  • Review of medical bills from all of your providers to ensure accuracy
  • Unlimited sick visits… and much more.

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Consolaré will also provide medical bill review. One in every seven claims are initially denied by health insurance companies, and the frequency of medical billing errors is alarming. You’ll have a professional review your claims, which can save you thousands in unnecessary charges.  Consolaré goes even further… We will address any denied claims from your insurance carrier and make calls on your behalf to appeal unpaid charges or communicate with the providers to determine the best course of action for medical claims.

Patient Advocacy Firms have been available for more than a decade and typically charge fees between $5,000 – $15,000 annually.  Nearly all health advocacy firms focus on people with serious or chronic illnesses, and very few offer our comprehensive package.  You will have a dedicated personal physician who coordinates your care and works with you to determine your unique healthcare risks and help you develop a healthier lifestyle.  We will maintain your medical records into a single, secure electronic record that can provide life-saving medical information anywhere in the world and at any time via the Internet.  We will research best in class and Centers of Excellence, both domestic and worldwide, and arrange treatment options that can be escorted by your personal physician.

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What our clients are saying

Dr. Carrie Bordinko is an excellent physician. Her emphasis on health and “preventative maintenance” is so refreshing in todays healthcare milieu. She is a tremendous advocate for her patients whom she shepherds through todays healthcare maze with unparralleled efficiency and empathy. She is available to her patients 24 hours a day, a truly different approach to healthcare.
Belinda Barclay-White.M.D., Breastnet
Dr. Carrie Bordinko is my support, my advocate, my physician, and my sanity. What she provides goes far beyond the services of primary care. She redefines what every physician should be and her skill set is second to none. I trust her with my most important assets, my health and my life.
Jerry Bisgrove, Chairman and CEO Stardust Foundation
Having Dr. Carrie has been such a great addition to our family’s healthcare and made our doctor-patient relationship so much more useful for us that it actually services our needs as a family and as individuals. We have gotten nothing short of outstanding care while being with Dr. Carrie and anytime we have ever had any medical issues, she has been the first one there for us and helped us expedite the services that we needed. She has gone out of her way to make sure that each and every one of us has been taken care of, treated fairly and given the soundest medical advice. It has been wonderful having her in our lives! Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Brooke Garduno, Marketing Director at AME Southewest
The benefits Carrie brings to healthcare cannot be over stated. Her knowledge of medicine is as vast as her resources to practice it. Her ability to read between the lines and establish conclusions about actual health problems that take into consideration ALL your health issues is something no other doctor seems to care to do. In this unfortunate age when insurance companies dictate more and more of what doctors actually do, Carrie’s method and approach are a blessing. And perhaps most importantly, her “bedside manner” is warm, sincere and understanding. You will be amazed what real, personal, Health Care can be. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Lou Werner, III, Founder of Formwerks Studios, Paradise Valley
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