Burn survivor credits Dr. Wayment for treating morphine addiction

Consolarè’s Addictionologist Dr. Nadya Wayment helped J.B. Griggs treat his dependence on morphine after he was injured on the job in 1998. “In my eyes, he will always remain a hero because to go through such a very complicated detox took a lot of courage,” Wayment said. “Most of our detox cases are absolutely not even close in complexity of J.B.’s.”

After heated hydraulic oil spewed onto Griggs, igniting and ultimately burned about 80 percent of his body, he spent months in intensive care, and doctors treated the intense pain with morphine. 125 surgeries later, Griggs said his dependence on the opioid grew into him taking dosages, adding up to 540 milligrams a day.

“Sometimes you just feel like you’re existing, not living,” Griggs explained.

Then in November 2018, he said his doctor told him that he no longer felt he could legally prescribe doses that high. Griggs would somehow have to come down and he had about three weeks to do it.

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