No Excuse 10 Minute Workout

No Excuse 10 minute workout

Our lives are complex and we all wish we had more time in our days. No matter if you are a busy executive working long days or a mother of three running between your children’s events (or if you fill both of these roles), there is no excuse for not finding 10 minutes at the beginning or end of your day for a workout. So here it is … The No Excuse 10 minute workout.

Backyard Boot Camp

  • The lowdown A heart-pumping, rev-up-your-metabolism workout you can do in your backyard, the gym, or a nearby park.
  • What you’ll get in four weeks A healthier heart and better endurance.
  • Special equipment A bench; a set of stairs or step-up; a treadmill or open running space.
  • Extra credit: Wear a weighted vest.

Getting started:

  • 30 seconds: Start with jumping jacks or for more advanced participants go for the Burpee.
  • 1 minute: Do step-ups (use a park bench if you’re outdoors) with left foot leading for 30 seconds. Repeat with right foot leading for 30 seconds.
  • 30 seconds: Follow with mountain climbers—Bend over and place hands on ground about 6 inches in front of feet, hands and feet shoulder-width apart. Knees are bent, back is as straight as possible. Keeping hands on the ground, jump up your legs and land so that right foot is in front of left; jump up again and land with left foot in front, right foot in back. Continue alternating.
  • 4 minutes: Do sprint intervals: Run as fast as you can for 30 seconds; jog for one minute. Repeat for three sets.
  • 30 seconds: Use a bench to do incline push-ups.
  • 1 minute: Continue with squats for 30 seconds. Release; repeat for another 30.
  • 30 seconds: Do Burpees: Stand feet shoulder-width apart; jump up with your arms straight up. Land with your hands and feet on the ground (same stance as the start of the mountain climber). Now launch feet back into a push-up position, then return to start of mountain climber. Next, jump all the way up, reaching your hands to the ceiling so that you’re back to the same position as in your first jump. Continue.
  • 2 minutes: Return to the bench and do a front plank, bracing your abs and making sure spine is straight, keeping your shoulders relaxed and away from your ears. Hold plank for a minute. Follow with side planks, holding 30 seconds on each side.


The Boxing Challenge

  • The lowdown: A super challenging arm, butt, and thigh workout consisting of real boxing moves created by Michael Olajide, owner of Aerospace, a boxing-inspired gym in NYC.
  • What you’ll get in four weeks: An urge to wear sleeveless tops even in the winter.
  • Special equipment: None, but use a punching bag and gloves if you’d also like to blow off steam.
  • Extra credit: Box with small hand weights (3 to 5 pounds).

Getting Started:

  • 30 seconds: Start in a boxing stance with your fists up, one slightly in front of the other, knees slightly bent, and jog lightly in place. Now do a jab — a straight punch with the right arm, keeping the left bent, as the right foot steps forward. Then jab left. Continue alternating and bring the shoulder forward when you punch.
  • 1 minute: Squat, feet shoulder-width apart, arms stretched forward.
  • 30 seconds: Repeat alternating right and left jabs.
  • 2 minutes: Now do slow lunges — Step left foot in front and bend your left knee; keep elbows bent and fists up. Hold for 30 seconds. Then jump straight up and land in a lunge, this time with your right foot in front. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat.
  • 30 seconds: Back in the boxing stance, do uppercuts: arms bent, elbows to floor, fists aiming upward. Continue alternating left and right.
  • 2 minutes: Repeat slow lunges.1 minute: Now alternate left and right jabs with left and right uppercuts as you jog in place.
  • 30 seconds: Continue alternating jabs while in a squatting position.
  • 2 minutes: Get back up for left and right uppercuts, then squat for left and right jabs. Continue alternating.


Fitness apps

For more great quick and efficient work outs that can be done literally anywhere with minimal equipment and time, check out the best fitness apps that you can download for innovative 10 minute routines.

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