Testimonials from our Patients and Partners

“The benefits Carrie brings to healthcare cannot be over stated. Her knowledge of medicine is as vast as her resources to practice it. Her ability to read between the lines and establish conclusions about actual health problems that take into consideration ALL your health issues is something no other doctor seems to care to do. In this unfortunate age when insurance companies dictate more and more of what doctors actually do, Carrie’s method and approach are a blessing. And perhaps most importantly, her “bedside manner” is warm, sincere and understanding. You will be amazed what real, personal, Health Care can be.”

— Lou Werner, III

“Carrie’s work is exquisite. Her team is how personal care in medicine should be delivered. I have worked with her with many patients over the last 1.5 years and feel that she provides an excellent experience for her patient. her patient’s family as well as the other health care providers with whom she co-manages.”

—Daniel Rubin, ND, Co-Founder, Naturopathic Specialists LLC

“I was a patient of Dr. Wayment’s for over 8 years, she also was my mother’s physician until her death in 2017. There are not enough words to describe Nadya other than she is a top-notch physician, care-taker, and friend. Nadya was always professional, personable, confident of her decisions, empathetic, and stern but caring, as she would sometimes have to get on me for some things (and rightfully so). Nadya maintained great communication and kept me up to date with any changes to my health and care. I was honored and blessed to have Dr. Wayment as my physician, in my eyes she is up on a pedestal and finding a replacement to hold a candle to her has been nearly impossible. Anyone who gets the privilege to have her as a medical physician, advisor, or consultant will find all the things that I stated to be true. If all physician’s could be of her caliber and quality, what a wonderful world this would be. Thanks for your time.”

— Anna M. Whitlock

“Dr. Bordinko’s patients receive the highest caliber of care that combines professionalism with personalized service that is second to none. As owner of a home care company that caters to the most discerning clientele, I have had the opportunity to care for some of Dr. Bordinko’s patients and witness the way she attends to their every need. Dr. Bordinko oversees every aspect of her patients’ health, ensuring that they receive comprehensive and seemless care. I cannot recommend Dr. Bordinko enough for anyone who wishes to have the very best healthcare without the worry or logistical nightmare of coordinating care among several specialists. Dr. Bordinko manages such tasks, reducing the most complicated situations into a streamlined plan of care that allows her clients to concentrate on achieving and maintaining good health without stress.”

— Polly Morris

“Dr. Carrie Bordinko is a special physician that everyone would consider their “ideal” doctor: caring and compassionate, fully up-to-date in latest medical knowledge, directing your comprehensive, integrated care in a personalized manner. It is my privilege to work with Carrie on meeting her client’s healthcare needs.”

— Michael R. Mills, MD, Banner-University Medical Center

“Carrie is everything that is missing in the healthcare industry. Any concern a patient may have she will address immediately with the best solution possible. Your own mother won’t care about your health as much as she will.”

— Jake Parent, Fresh Start Funding

“Carrie is detailed oriented and very knowledgeable in a wide array of patient medical management. We have worked together in the care of oncologic patients and I have been impressed with her abilities to mange complex issues and with her excellent relationship with her patients. Highly recommended Personal Physician!”

— Fabio Almeida, MD, Phoenix Molecular Imaging / SouthWest PET/CT Institute Center for Integrative Healing & Wellness

“I initially met Dr. Wayment many years ago when I was in need of a Primary Care Physician. I had heard many glowing reports about Dr. Wayment and as a result made an appointment. All the reports I had heard about Dr. Wayment were indeed true. I found Dr. Wayment to be compassionate and sensitive, fair and honest. With each visit I never had the sense that she was hurried. She listened attentively to my medical concerns and communicated openly; thus fostering confidence. As time went on her enthusiasm and keen wit promoted a relationship of trust and respect from me and also from her office staff. By going beyond what is expected, she inspired respect, loyalty and cooperation. She is exceptionally well informed medically and her histories and physical examinations were always thorough. My laboratory studies were always reviewed and explained in detail. If she had any questions, she never hesitated to ask the appropriate specialist. As a teacher in the Public School System for many years, I admire one’s ability to communicate clearly and concisely. I have witnessed her interactions with me personally and also with nursing personnel and her colleagues. She is highly intelligent, poised, confident, and is respected by her patients and colleagues. She is highly dependable and consistently returns calls. I highly recommend Dr. Wayment and am confident she will not only succeed in anything she sets out to achieve but will enhance the people and program she chooses.”

— Emily Vonk

“I and my spouse just started working with Carrie this year. We have found her to be worth the price in peace of mind and her attention to detail. I now experience what health care should be like — a primary care doctor who is an advocate of the highest potential of wellness possible for me and my family. If you are interested in experiencing truly inspired health care service in support of the best you can be, start with a conversation with Dr. Carrie. She will assist you in finding what is best for you including providing alternative private pay primary care doctors if she believes they would be more in line with what you want in a patient/doctor relationship. She is a safe place without pressure to discuss and explore your options in planning your health care future.”

— Michael Haubrich

“I have the honor and privilege of knowing Dr. Bordinko both professionally as well as personally. I have watched as clients, professionals, CEOs, and others in the medical field listen to the knowledge and wisdom she imparts without missing a beat, providing confidence not only to those who are in her care but also to those who are in her audience. Thankfully, Dr. Bordinko is always at least two steps ahead. You know with her, there is not a stone left unturned. She expeditiously goes to great lengths and will not rest until she puts in place your personalized plan of care, which not only includes the solution, the specialist (if needed), but also any and all details tailored to meet your needs at any given time. Most of all, you are left with peace of mind that the absolute expert in the field is piloting your health care and she truly cares about you as an individual person. This is not just a career or job for her. This is her way of life and she lives it. Her tremendous respect from leading specialists within the medical community truly helped me get into the right hands at the right time. In todays healthcare maze , there is no one like Dr Bordinko to be your guard and healthcare director.”

— Tracy Harper Swanson, RN, Frazer, Ryan, Goldberg & Arnold LLP

“I am pleased to be able to send this recommendation on behalf of Nadya Wayment, M.D.  I have known Nadya for over 11 years.  She served an externship in my internal medicine practice office prior to her family practice residency in Arizona.  Upon completion of her residency, we recruited Nadya to join our internal medicine practice with Mountainstar Internal Medicine in Ogden, Utah. I have been very impressed with both her superb clinical skills along with the outstanding rapport she developed with her patients. I was confident enough with her competency that I and my wife along with my wife’s extended family all became her patients.  She will be a tremendous asset to whatever clinic is fortunate to have her work there. I also helped to train Nadya in the art and skills of doing inpatient and outpatient detoxes of opiate addicted patients.  She was part of the three physician group covering the Ogden Regional Medical Center ACT Unit which included an 8 bed detox unit and several inpatient beds along with treating a large outpatient clientele.  She is very comfortable with these patients and very competent with complicated patients.I also shared call with her and observed her performance on the medical unit of Ogden Regional Medical Center.  She particularly works well with staff, gets along well with her physician peers, and demonstrates sound judgement in making timely and appropriate referrals.In summary, Nadya is a great physician and fine person with great people skills.  Everyone in her new practice will feel blessed to be working with her.

— John K Reis, MD

“Dr. Carrie Bordinko, MD is truly an innovator in her field. As a health care provider as well as a son/father of wheel chair bound father/daughter with involved health care, I have sat on both sides of the table. Navigating the health care system is difficult for anyone. When you have a loved one who is wheel chair bound with a complex medical history, aligning with the right physician is critical. Finding a great physician is often very difficult and much more involved than most might think. Being technically sound and a good physician is just a start. But having one that will actually listen to you as a patient, who will know and understand your entire and complex medical history, one who will consider your opinion and which will consider your unique home/family environment is what makes a good physician a great physician. But Dr. Bordinko goes even further than that! She is truly empathetic to her patients and you sincerely sense that the care that is provided is what she would do for her own mother or father. Health care needs more physicians like that. That is why, I would recommend Dr. Bordinko without reservation. In 15 years of practice I have met few who do what she does.”

— Trent Nessler, MPT, DPT

Dr. Carrie Bordinko, M.D. is one of the most professional physicians our organization has encountered. Sharp, responsive and well-informed. We’ve appreciated Dr. Bordinko making a difference in her community.”

— Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief, Concierge Medicine Today

“Our doctor of 25 yrs. retired. We spent two yrs. looking for a new doctor that cared about their patients. We were told by numerous people that Dr.Wayment was the very best available.  It took us us about a year to get in to see her. It was so worth the wait!  We have never experienced such a thorough, caring attitude. Dr. Wayment never made us feel like she was in a hurry-listening to every detail, answering every question or situation. Truly amazing!!!”

 — Tom & Claudette Connelly

“It all starts with a smile! That was our initial introduction to Dr. Carrie Bordinko and it has gotten better from that initial meeting. We have used Concierge Doctors before, but none with Carrie’s (she prefers an informal) approach to being your advisor. Since we started using her services a few months ago I have personally reduced my daily pill regimen by 60%–It turned out that I did not need the other medications, but past Doctors had just written the script and sent me on my way. Carrie spends lots of time listening and interacting with her clients and she is always available. We have an agreement—a phone call is urgent (and she responds to that immediately) a text message will get a response within a few hours—although usually within a few minutes—and email gets a response within 24 hours. She has an outstanding list of specialists at her disposal and she really supports her clients—in fact as I write this recommendation she is in Germany with a Client getting the very best treatment for him. We are totally comfortable with her and her approach to “Life” and I have recommended her to a number of people.”

— Phillip W. Smith, Chairman Emeritus and Strategic Advisor, TASER International

“Dr. Carrie Bordinko is the definition of what every medical doctor should be. Being Self Employed it’s vital to have medical advice and someone you trust. Not only has Dr. Bordinko cared for me and my family she has served us as an amazing Medical Consultant/Mentor assisting us in the proper direction without any self gain. Dr. Carrie is a testament that professionals in the medical field can still perform in an old fashion way with a modern approach.. I highly recommend you call her and explore the possibilities of what Dr. Carrie Bordinko can do for you.”

— Eddie Fischer, Clearfork Academy

“Having Dr. Carrie has been such a great addition to our family’s healthcare and made our doctor-patient relationship so much more useful for us that it actually services our needs as a family and as individuals. We have gotten nothing short of outstanding care while being with Dr. Carrie and anytime we have ever had any medical issues, she has been the first one there for us and helped us expedite the services that we needed. She has gone out of her way to make sure that each and every one of us has been taken care of, treated fairly and given the soundest medical advice. It has been wonderful having her in our lives!”

— Brooke Garduno, AME Landscape Companies

“Dr. Wayment is very personable and provides quality care to her patients. She keeps her patients updated on their medical results and checks in on them to see how they are doing. Dr. Wayment has a warm personality and makes every visit a pleasant one. My spirits are uplifted whenever I see her. I am looking forward to the day she returns to private practice.”

— Sharon Moore

“In providing world class care to the donors that I care for, Dr. Bordinko has been a tremendous asset to Scottsdale Healthcare Foundation. She has cared for one of my most loyal donors with clinical expertise and attention that has surpassed the expectations of my donor. Her attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence makes her an ideal physician for those folks who require a deep personal relationship with their physician.”

— Jeri Davis, RN, MBA, Transitions of Care

“Dr. Bordinko is a fantastic physician. Her knowledge and thoroughness in providing both health care and wellness care is outstanding. I continue to be amazed at her depth of understanding of medicine and especially her level of contribution to helping her patients live healthier lives. She is one of the most caring and concerned physicians I know and highly recommend her medical services, both health care and wellness management. She is always there when needed, willing to help patients 7/24, is very prompt in returning calls and dealing with the patients medical need. She personally lives a very healthy life and tries to help her patients understand the benefits and values of living a healthier life for both them and their families. I would very highly recommend her as a primary care physician.”

— Thom Blischok, The Dialogic Group LLC

As a medical professional, Carrie brings a unique combination of knowledge, integrity and insightfulness along with a truly caring touch to the relationship with her clients.”

— Vince Hawley

Dr. Bordinko’s attentiveness to a patient’s needs and her compassion make her a valuable physician. The level of care she provides would be difficult to replace.”

— Tiffany Christianson

“Carrie, as a result of her thoroughness and competence saved my life. She’s become an important part of my families health care team. I would recommend her to anyone. She spends time with us and is there any time we need her.”

— Bruce Lefco

“I knew Dr. Wayment was a great doctor on my first visit not only because of a strong recommendation from my mother, but, from the sixty minutes she spent getting to know me. I, too, have a highly stressful job working with people of all ages. Dr. Wayment know this and always knew what to say when I was struggling with being the “strong” woman people expected. She became a good friend despite the fact we have never spent time outside of her office together. I have high regard and a great amount of respect for all Dr. Wayment has achieved. I am blessed to have had her as my primary physician. She is an individual who has impacted hundreds of lives medically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

— Wendy Nelson

“In the Petznick home, Christmas has always been a very special time to celebrate the gifts of love, of family and friends. And so it seems a perfect opportunity and most appropriate time to thank and to celebrate you. For you, dear friend, have come to mean something special to each of us. You have become a treasured part of our family.

When our journey with you began a few years ago, we knew you were a highly skilled professional and might have hoped for an exceptional relationship with our concierge doctor. But we truly could not have conceived the deep, genuine respect and admiration that would become the foundation for the friendship that today defines our bond.

You have been by our side and have seen us through some of our most difficult situations. Your wisdom, talents and kindness have shone through whatever the challenge. And your heartfelt commitment and dedication to your profession have translated into a level of personal goodness and care we never could have envisioned but today we value and appreciate in each of our own ways.

In the truest sense, it is difficult to even imagine life without Carrie. Yes, you have become an integral, cherished part of our lives. You have been lavishly gifted in ways that meet and exceed whatever our needs and expectations in the gentlest, most meticulous, effective manner. We trust you implicitly and are so grateful for you.

Carrie, you bless us throughout the year but during this season when there is a warmth and particular focus on the love of family and friends, we simply want to thank you. God brought you into our lives at a perfect time and has blessed us beyond measure through your impeccable skills and kind, compassionate heart.

We thank you from the very bottom of our hearts and wish you and your loved ones a most beautiful Christmas.”

— Pat and Earl Petznick